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Platform Pricing










Custom Plans

Great For Testing and Development Small Apps Large Apps Larger Apps Enterprise Applications
Geotrigger events 100 per month 800 6,000 27,000 Volume-Based
Geocoding Free Trial Until Dec 31st 2013*
Support Community Support Community Support Community Support 1 Call / Month Full Phone Support
Metrics Basic Basic Basic Basic Advanced

*Geocoding on our platform will be free until Dec 31, 2013. We will be switching to a metered usage pricing system which will allow you to pick the features you'd like to use.


Basic Layer Analytics

  • See number of API calls
  • See number of messages delivered
  • See breakdown of hardware and OS versions
  • See which versions of your app are currently active
  • Clickthrough rate for messages sent

Advanced Analytics Coming Soon

  • Show clickthrough rate by location
  • Show app usage by time of day (coming soon)
  • Show how long people are spending at predefined locations
  • Show top cities of your users
  • Enable longitudinal studies


Community Support

  • Search questions and answers posted by other Geoloqi developers
  • If can't find an answer post a question of your own

Email Support

  • Email us with questions any time
  • We'll respond within 24-48 (business) hours, but likely sooner

Phone Support

  • You can call us with questions during normal business hours, pacific time

Sample Use Cases

Add Location to Everyday Life

  • Automatically check in to your favorite places on Foursquare if you're there more than 10 minutes.
  • Update your AIM status with your current city.
  • Automatically send your boss an email if you're not at work at 9am saying exactly how late you'll be.
  • Use your location to automatically turn on lights when you get home, then turn them off again when you leave.

Do More With Location

  • For developers: Trigger a callback URL when you enter or leave a specific location.
  • Automatically send your carpool buddies an SMS when you're half a mile from the pickup spot.
  • Get an SMS when you're nearby apartments that match your Craigslist search criteria.

Make Your Data More Meaningful

  • Make a trivia layer or educational game around town.
  • Update Facebook, Twitter or Google+ when you change cities.
  • Create location-based reminders for reminders with the BaseCamp API
  • Automatically message your loved ones when you touch down at any airport.

Usage Limits

What happens if I go over my API limit?

If you go over your limit in a month, you'll get an automatic email alerting you that you reached your limit. If you continue to remain above your limit, we may contact you again by email or phone to follow up and work with you to either optimize your usage or switch you to a higher-tier plan.

  • We will never automatically charge you for a higher plan.
  • We will never automatically block your access to the API for going over the usage limits.