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Return information about a place.

The intersection, locality, region and country fields are dynamically populated after the place is created. Display name is set to the best name of the place that is available. If the place has been given a name, that is used, otherwise intersection, locality, region and country in that order.

Supported Request Methods



None, if place ID is given in the URL. (place/info/:id)

You can also retrieve place info by unique key and layer ID. In this case, the following parameters are required:

  • key Required
    The unique key for the place you are looking up
  • layer_id Required
    The layer ID to use when searching for the place by key


  "intersection": "NW 12th & Davis St",
    "name":"United States of America",
  "display_name": "NW 12th & Davis St",
  "description": "Portland is a city in the state of Oregon",