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Update the phone's tracking profile, or check to see the phone's current profile.

Supported Request Methods



  • profile
    Must be one of: realtime, logging, adaptive, rough, or off

You can read more about each profile here: Tracking Profiles.

Note that this will not take effect immediately. It will only take effect the next time the phone syncs data with the server. If the phone is currently in logging mode, this will take effect almost immediately. In "rough" or "adaptive" modes, it may take several minutes or longer. Currently, switching profiles from realtime to other modes is only supported on iPhone.

Warning: if you set the profile to "off" you will not have a way to set it to anything else again.


When querying the phone's current profile, you will get a response of the current profile and the date that profile was reported to the server.

  "profile": "adaptive",
  "date": "2012-08-22T02:56:07+00:00",
  "date_ts": 1345604167