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Places are objects in the API that represent physical locations. All triggers have a place - when a trigger is created in our system with a latitude and longitude, a place is automatically created for the trigger.

Places allow you to manipulate the location separately from the trigger. You can do things like remove the trigger (but keep the place), or add multiple triggers. You can use the "key" to have a unique ID for your place, ensuring that you won't have duplicate place entries.

Places do not have to be permanently fixed in a specific location - they can move. If you have a place that is moving frequently (such as a vehicle or a food cart), you can update the place's location with a simple call to the API via place/update.

  • place/create (POST)
    • Create a new place in a layer
  • place/update/:id (POST)
    • Update a place
  • place/list (GET)
    • List all places on the specified layer
  • place/nearby (GET)
    • Find places nearby the user's last location or a specified location
  • place/info/:id (GET)
    • Return information about this place, including any triggers that are set, and possibly the last time the user was at this place.
  • place/delete/:id (POST)
    • Delete the specified place and all associated triggers