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Hosted Spatial Storage

Store and query location based data including location history and place storage

Location-based Data Storage Diagram


With Geoloqi's Storage Platform, you can store thousands or millions of places and geodata without skipping a beat in deployment of your application. We've built out a proprietary storage system that makes it fast and affordable to store and access geodata, without the overhead of building the storage server yourself.

Create and store places, messages, and geofences, or find which places are closest to a user. The Geoloqi SDK will automatically sync relevant data to users to maximize battery life.

Spatial Storage Features

  • Create private places
  • Quickly import your datasets
  • Search for nearby places
  • Automatically sync relevant data to users

Sample Code

# Create a layer to encapsulate a list of regions.
# Extra is a key/value store, you can add anything to it.

layer = "layer/create", {
  :name        => "Portland Food Cart Regions",
  :description => "A breakdown of food carts in Portland by region",
  :extra       => {
    :author => 'Kyle Drake'

# Create a place to represent downtown "place/create", {
  :layer_id  => layer.layer_id,
  :latitude  => 45.5246,
  :longitude => -122.6843,
  :radius    => 1500,
  :name      => "Downtown Portland",
  :extra     => {
    :number_of_carts => 80