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Python Library

To get you started quickly your personal access token is included in these examples. However you should use an application access token instead, which you can get from the applications page.

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Geoloqi has a basic Python wrapper that allows you to easily interact with the Geoloqi API.

If you'd like to help us build out the Python library please consider forking the project on GitHub.

Installing The Package

$ pip install geoloqi-python

Create a trigger

>>> from geoloqi.geoloqi import Geoloqi
>>> g = Geoloqi(access_token="<your_application_access_token>")
>>>'trigger/create', {
        'type': 'message',
        'text': 'Welcome to Powells Books',
        'latitude': 45.523334,
        'longitude': -122.681612,
        'radius': 300

Create a layer

>>> from geoloqi.geoloqi import Geoloqi
>>> g = Geoloqi(access_token="<your_user_access_token>")
>>>'layer/create', {'name': 'My Layer'})