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Send a message to a specific user. The message will be delivered via Apple Push Notification, C2DM, or SMS, depending on whether push notifications support is configured and if the user has entered their phone number.

Note: You can only send messages to yourself, to users subscribed to one of your layers, or to users your application has created.

Supported Request Methods



  • text
    Text of the message to send. Must be 140 characters or less.
  • url
    An optional URL to open when the notification is tapped.
  • user_id
    ID of the user who will receive the message. If the user ID is not provided, the message will be sent to the user making the request.
  • layer_id Optional
    ID of the layer sending the message. If present, a story is generated for the user receiving the message and the message will appear to have been sent by the layer.



If the message was queued successfully, you will get a response like the following.
HTTP/1.1 200 OK