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Geocoding services now available

Our new Esri-powered Geocoding tools allow you to create triggers on addresses and find cities where your apps are used!

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"Geoloqi is great because it takes care of the hard parts of geo for me." - Chris McDonald, Mozilla
"The holy grail of rich location data made easy with new SDKs from Geoloqi." - Dan Rowinski, ReadWriteWeb

A powerful platform for location based applications

Battery-Safe Geotrigger℠ Service

Our Geotrigger service automatically manages a device's battery life while using location services, so your users can run the app all day without significant battery drain. Geofences can be triggered by time of day, speed or position.

Features of the Geotrigger℠ Service
  • Trigger actions on enter, dwell or exit
  • Write custom events to be triggered
  • Battery-Safe - the Geotrigger service automatically manages battery life on mobile devices
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Geoloqi Battery-Safe Geotrigger SDK
Geocoding Powered By Esri


Now you can have worldwide coverage for geocoding, reverse geocoding and point of interest search, powered by Esri!

Geocoding Features
  • Find geographic coordinates of addresses
  • Search for places and points of interest
  • Convert geographic coordinates into human-readable addresses
  • Worldwide coverage in 102 countries
  • Over 26 million points of interest
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Real-time Location Tracking

Whether you're making an application for tracking assets, finding friends nearby, or setting up a location-based game, Geoloqi makes it simple to implement full-featured tracking systems with minimal time and effort.

Location Tracking Features
  • Track Location in Real-time
  • Battery Safe Tracking
  • Customizable Tracking Rates
  • Works Indoors and Outdoors
  • SDKs for iOS, Android, Javascript, Ruby, PHP and more
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Geoloqi Real-Time Location Tracking
Geoloqi Hosted Spatial Storage

Hosted Spatial Storage

Create and store location based data with Geoloqi's spatial storage solutions. Create and store places, messages, and geofences. The Geoloqi SDK will Automatically sync geo-relevant data to users and work to maximize battery life.

Storage Solutions
  • Create private places
  • Quickly import your datasets
  • Search for nearby places
  • Automatically sync relevant data to users
  • Optimized for use with real-time applications and battery-safe operations
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Esri Map Example

ArcGIS maps for iOS

The ArcGIS SDK for iOS provides an alternative to using Apple's MapKit.

Maps Features
  • Use any tile service that ArcGIS supports (including Bing)
  • Add layers from any ArcGIS feature service
  • Use tasks for common uses like geocoding/locating, routing/directions, and querying
  • Enable collaboration via WebMaps
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Developer Metrics

See how your apps are being used. Gain insight into your user's behavior. Geoloqi's location based analytics tools provide rich analytics and visualizations for tracking users, geofences and message conversions.

Analytics Features
  • Track message conversions, dwell time and visitor metrics
  • Track the dwell time of people, places and things
  • Access User Location History
  • See the devices your apps are being used on
  • Track the number of Geotrigger events
  • Included with your account
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See how easy it is to add location to your applications


Create location-aware, battery-
safe iOS apps with our SDK.

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Android SDK

Develop location-aware battery-safe Android apps.

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Geoloqi API

Access the Geoloqi API directly using one of our client libraries.

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